[pstricks] Nested psTree environments

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 2 23:38:51 CET 2007

E. Krishnan schrieb:
> I find that with "treemode" set to "L" or "R" the code 
>   \begin{psTree}{\Tr{Node1}}
>     \begin{psTree}{\Tr{Node2}}
>       \Tr{Node3}\Tr{Node4}
>     \end{psTree}
>   \end{psTree}  
> gives the error
>   ! Extraneous space in tree successors.
>   \@pstrickserr ... immediate help.}\errmessage {#1}
>                                                   \endgroup
this version uses the LaTeX definition  \def\end#1{..}
and its behaviour is different from the pst-tree own one

\def\endpsTree{\pst at endlongbox\ignorespaces}

which you use with your second example. The LaTeX
one has a space between the two \end{..} and the pst-tree
one not. 


as you already mentioned, a % will eat the space.
I do not really know which one is correct ...


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