[pstricks] Apparent keyval error upon updating pstricks

rossi at york.cuny.edu rossi at york.cuny.edu
Sat Dec 30 21:35:44 CET 2006

Dear Herbert:

I apologize for taking so long to respond.  Thank you for your helo

> I get it run with the latest pstricks packages and the following changes:
When you said this, I took a closer look at the updated pstricks macros. In
seminar.con, there is \usepackage{pst-fr3d}, and I had not updated it. 
After that was done, everything worked fine.

But for your comment below

>> \textbf{$\text{H^+}$ ions} when dissolved in water.

> this causes an error, must be \textbf{H\textsuperscript{+}}

I copied the following code from Mats Dahlgren chemsym.sty

\newif  \ifc at llsn  \c at llsnfalse
\DeclareOption{collision}{\global\c at llsntrue}
\ifc at llsn\AtEndDocument{%
  \PackageWarningNoLine{chemsym}{Due to possible collisions with other
  \MessageBreak packages, super- and subscrips are not avaliable
  \MessageBreak outside math mode despite your loading of `chemsym'}}
  \catcode`\^ \active
  \catcode`\_ \active
\@ifundefined{cd at t}{%
\let\cd at t=\cdot
\def\cdot{\ensuremath{\cd at t}}}{}

into my own .sty file and insert it after pastricks.sty.

It works on very complicated math statements such as

\pmb{k \: = \: \frac{\omega_A \: \omega_B}{2 \pi \textcolor{red}{\gamma}} \:
e^{-\frac{E_0}{k_B \: T}}, \gamma = \frac{\zeta}{\mu} \gg \omega_B,\zeta = 6
\pi r \eta}

using either powerdot or seminar.

The coding \textbf{H\textsuperscript{+}}, etc., etc. is much too cumbersum.

Why can't the above  code be include with pstricks to make using the
mathematical formatter more normal?



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