[pstricks] Apparent keyval error upon updating pstricks packages

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 27 00:16:06 CET 2006

rossi at york.cuny.edu schrieb:
> I agree.  I really like powerdot.  It's great.  I am using it all the time
> for my new presentations.
> It's just that I have 20 general chemistry lectures in seminar, and when the
> semester comes, I just have enough time to update the lecture. It does take
> some time to move over to powerdot.
I get it run with the latest pstricks packages and the following changes:

> \documentclass{seminar}

to get the color AntiqueWhite defined. Passes the option to
package xcolor.
> \textbf{$\text{H^+}$ ions} when dissolved in water.
this causes an error, must be \textbf{H\textsuperscript{+}}

also the following two ones.  Attached my generated pdf


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