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Martijn Frijlink m_frijlink at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 10:24:16 CET 2006


If you only want to use PSTricks to improve these two images,
it might not be the optimal choice.

But if you are prepared to invest some time, PSTricks offers
you a wide range of tools to get full control and make high quality
graphics. The examples at


are a good place to start. 


"Marcos-Arenal, JL" <marcosj at DENTISTRY.UNC.EDU> wrote: Hi everyone;
 As a brand new newbee, mine is a probably  basic question.
 I have several images like the ones I  attach that I would need to re-draw in order to improve the image  quality.
 Anyone in the forum has any suggestion to  do this in the most time-efficient way?
 Is PSTrick the way to go?
 how do I get started?
 [I told you:    in the  eternal words of Sir David Bowie: I am an absolute  beginner......]
 thank you very much
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