[pstricks] pstricks special coordinates computations

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 18:25:43 CET 2006

Randy Yates schrieb:
> Is there a way to translate dimensions to relative coordinates?
> For example, if I want to place a dot at relative coordinate
> (!0 0) moved left by 5pt, how can I do this inside a (!xyz abc)
> coordinate computation? I noticed that, e.g., (!0 0 5pt sub)
> crashes the stack at dvips time.

it is esier using the unit 1pt



\pst at dimb=5pt
  (!0 0 \pst at number\pst at dimb \pst at number\psyunit div sub)
\psline[linecolor=blue](0,1)(!1 0 5 \pst at number\psyunit div sub)

\psline[linecolor=red](28,28)(!0 0 5 sub)
\psline[linecolor=blue](0,28)(!28 0 5 sub)


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