[pstricks] Math expressions?

Herbert Voss LaTeX at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Nov 22 10:35:56 CET 2006

Johan Ekh schrieb:

> How can I use mathematical expressions and variables when drawing lines
> and
> curves?
> I'd like to do something like:
> angleB=45
> \psarc[par](x,y){r}{angleA}{0.5*angleB+30}

you have to disable the angle check.


\def\pst at getangle#1#2{\def#2{#1}}


\def\angleA{0 }% space after value
\def\angleB{45 }
\psarc[linecolor=red,showpoints=true](0,0){3}{ \angleA }{ \angleB 0.5 mul
30 add }


Maybe we should have a general boolean noAngleCheck for that ...


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