[pstricks] hyperlink for node connector?

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Nov 7 17:46:43 CET 2006

 >|> I'd like to set up a hyperlink (using \href) for a node connector. I can
 >|> use \mput to create a "click point" in the middle of the connector, but
 >|> I'd prefer to make the whole connector (plus a small margin around it)
 >|> clickable, with nothing visible added. Any suggestions?

Thanks.  I'm already hyperlinking *nodes*; see for example the charts at


But my question was on (discreetly) hyperlinking node *connectors*.
What seems to work well enough is to use \mput and then *re-draw* the
connector to cover the visible blank at the mid-point.

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