[pstricks] psdot and Type 3 fonts

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 30 20:00:03 CET 2006

Martijn Frijlink schrieb:

> If I compile the code in psdot_call.tex and convert it to pdf (see
> Makefile),
> I get Type 3 fonts. Only with "dotstyle=+" I do not get any Type 3 fonts.
> Any ideas where these occurences Type 3 fonts come from ?
> Any suggestion how to get rid of them ?

I suppose you do not really know, what Type 3 means ...
Type 3 defines a Glyph which is _not_ a Type 1, no more no less.
_All_ PSTricks glyphs, which are not from a Type 1 font are also
vector based, in PostScript notation a Type 3 glyph.

This has nothing to do with a pixel based font.


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