[pstricks] Hyperbolic Paraboloidal for Rafael's Thesis

Rafael Castro Triguero me1catrr at uco.es
Mon Oct 30 10:22:08 CET 2006

Hello PSTricks users,

My name is Rafael and I am doing some pictures for my PhD Thesis about 
hyperbolic paraboloidal  surfaces (I attached a .png example of an 
article). I uses these package and the commands for the picture are 
listed below. What kind of problem do I have? I have worked with 
Herbert  book and I have applied it but the program not run. Lot of 
thanks for your help.

 \usepackage{pst-all} % Para trabajar con Pstricks
 \usepackage{pst-math} % Permite trabajar con funciones matemáticas
 \usepackage{pst-infixplot} % Permite trabajar con fórmulas igual que MATLAB
 \usepackage{pst-poly} % Para trabajar con polígonos
 \usepackage{pst-blur} % Para dibujar sombras más suaves
 \usepackage{pst-circ} % Permite trabajar con circuitos eléctricos
 \usepackage{pst-grad} % Permite dibujar con estilos gradiente

dup mul u dup mul sub}

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