[pstricks] pstricks/tex4ht problem

Andrew Mathas a.mathas at usyd.edu.au
Thu Aug 17 05:09:17 CEST 2006

Dear Pstricks Gurus,

I am using pstricks and tex4ht to create online quizzes. The following 
code runs through latex happily but when I put it through htlatex it 
gives the error:

    ! Missing number, treated as zero.
    <to be read again>

    l.8 \end{pspicture}

The latex which produces the problem is:


Without the pst-3dplot this works fine, but--of course--I need this in 
the real file that I am processing.

I am using texlive 2005 which seems to have

    `PSTricks' v1.12  <2005/10/25> (tvz)
    v1.41, 2004/05/18 <tvz>) `PST-3dplot' v1.63, 2005/02/19 (HV)))
    ....and Im not sure what version of tex4ht...

I've search on the net and can't find this problem anywhere. The 
annoying thing is that this used to work so it may be something that my 
system administrator have installed (they wouldn't have toughed any 
configuration files...).

Any help would be much appreciated.


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