[pstricks] patch : autoscale y axis for psgraph

Martin Chicoine martin.chicoine at umontreal.ca
Mon Aug 7 18:00:08 CEST 2006

>Martin Chicoine wrote:
>> I changed lines 2047 and 2072 of the \psgraph definition in pstricks.tex 
>> to :
>> \ifdim#6=0cm\pst at dima=\pst at tempA\pst at dimo\else\pst at dima=#6\fi\relax
>> and
>> \ifdim#8=0cm\pst at dima=\pst at tempA\pst at dimo\else\pst at dima=#8\fi\relax
>> , respectively.
>> This allows to autoscale yLength (so that the scale of the x- and y-axis 
>> are the same) if the user enters yLength=0cm.
>Please give a full working minimal example, where
>this maybe useful.

Here is an example where you don't have to calculate yLength in order to
have the same x- and y-scale. It is calculated automatically by setting
yLength to 0cm. 



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