[pstricks] pstricks and Beamer

Jean-Côme Charpentier Jean-Come.Charpentier at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 26 15:37:46 CEST 2006

Guillermo Coronado a écrit :
> Hola Raquel:
> In my MikTeX 2.4 , your file compile perfectly and the slide en .ps (o 
> .pdf) look beatifull.
> Ah, with "L" or "l",  i´ts the same.

I don't remember if Windows is case sensitive about file's names.

If not, juanlepins, JuAnLeSpInS or JUANLESPINS will work... but when you 
send yout file to another (poor) people who works under *nix, there is 
some insults about beamerthemeJuanlesPins.sty which don't exist!

If Windows is case sensitive, it's weird.  I haven't 
beamerthemeJuanlesPins.sty on my computer and there is no such file on 
CTAN, just beamerthemeJuanLesPins.sty.

Well, if both work, it will be *much* better to write the name with "L" 
rather than with "l". For you, it's the same and for others it could 
make the difference between right and wrong :-)

   Jean-Côme Charpentier

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