[pstricks] Problems with psgraph

Martin Sievers scharmuetzler at gmx.de
Tue Jul 25 10:21:11 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the psgraph-environment. The following example
results in a graph which is too wide. Why is that and how can I get an
exactly 12cm graph?

Additionally I'd like to change the labelsizes with the labelFontSize
parameter. When using as an optional parameter for psgraph I always get
four Font warnings (as there are four, I guess the come from the
x-Axis): Command \small invalid in math mode. In the documentation
(chapter 19.1) I can't find an explanation for that, except that there's
just an psaxes command while the psgraph environment is supposed to pass
the options to psaxes, so it shouldn't make a difference.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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