[pstricks] Redefined math symbol \Pi

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Jun 25 21:52:50 CEST 2006

Thorsten Donig wrote:

> Since the last MiKTeX update on June 24th 2006 i have a problem with the 
> math symbol for the greek capital Pi. It seems that the pstricks-add 
> package from June 18th 2006 redefines the command \Pi in a way, that 
> there is given out an error message by the mathpazo package of an 
> already defined command. I excluded systematically all other error 
> sources. The error occures when including the pstricks-add package 
> before the mathpazo package. But i would like to use mathpazo and 
> pstricks-add together in the future. When i include pstricks-add after 
> mathpazo there is no longer the greek capital but the numerical value 
> pi=3.14… and no error message ist given out by the latex compiler. If 
> mathpazo is not included, the result is the same. In the psttricks-add 
> documentation i found that the value provided by the \Pi command is used 
> for axis units when plotting trigonometrical functions. I suggest that 
> the command is renamed to \PI or \pstPi (similar to \pstPI2 in pst-math 
> package) to avoid collision with other packages and defintions by 
> standard class files. Or is there another alternative?

I renamed the macros to \psPixxx and also the two
dimensions to \pstRadUnit and \pstRadUnitInv
Will upload the new files as soon as possible.


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