[pstricks] \psplotDiffEqn initial conditions using \multido

Hernando Diaz hdiazmo at unal.edu.co
Fri Jun 23 19:16:31 CEST 2006

I am trying to generate  phase portraits of  differential equations using
\psplotDiffEqn. I would like to specify different initial conditions using a
\multido environment. I have tried Number (\N) and real (\R) variables
without success. Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance.
Below, I include a small example of what I want

Hernando Diaz

\begin {pspicture}(-3,-3)(3,3)%\psgrid[subgriddiv=2,griddots=10]
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{-1.5 -3}{\Func}
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{0 -3}{\Func}
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{1.5 -3}{\Func}
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{-1.5 3}{\Func}
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{0 3}{\Func}
	\psplotDiffEqn{0}{30}{1.5 3}{\Func}
\psplotDiffEqn[whichabs=0,whichord=1]{0}{30}{0.01 0.01}{\Func}

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