[pstricks] psmatrix--node names

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon May 29 09:25:10 CEST 2006

E. Krishnan wrote:

> gives an error, since LaTeX treats the [ ] in the *second line* as the 
> space increasing argument to \\ in the first line, and complains of a 
> missing number. So,
>   \begin{psmatrix}
>     [name=a]A & [name=b]B\\[0pt]
>     [name=c]C & [name=d]D
>   \end{psmatrix}
> works fine. Is there any other way around the problem?

sure, all what prevents LaTeX from scanning the [] as
an optional argument of the \\, eg: \\\relax


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