[pstricks] English translation of Voß

Ciaran Taylor ciarantaylor at eircom.net
Wed Apr 12 09:46:34 CEST 2006

Herbert Voss wrote:
>> when is the English translation of your PSTricks book coming out?  
> There will be a new Graphics Companion at end of this year with
> about 250 pages of PSTricks. The german book, third edition,
> of PSTricks has 752 pages ... An english translation maybe
> possible, but not at the end of next year 2007!
> Herbert
It's good to hear that there will be a new Graphics Companion:  I'm sure 
a lot has changed since the first edition.  I may be too impatient to 
wait until the end of this year, in which case I'll have to struggle 
with your book in German.  As for translating it, as Rich suggests, I 
would certainly be interested, and I'd know PSTricks a lot better if I 
did!  I'm sure you have someone in mind already, or are you planning to 
do it yourself?


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