[pstricks] doesn't work the way it should

Germi Camps gcampsbarjau at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 15:03:33 CEST 2006

En/na Jean-Côme Charpentier ha escrit:
> Uuuh? :-)
> With the code send by Germi, as far as I understand the problem, the 
> mistake is only about (many many) spurious spaces.
> I haven't think very hard : I have just put "%%%" everywhere it seems 
> necessary (Some of them are certainly useless!) Then I changed 
> "-0.1432" to "0" and the result seems good, isn't it?
> I don't see immediately that you (Germi) wrote a macro \SmithChart 
> which are 320 lines long! Imho, it's much better to split this macro 
> in several more little ones... it would be more human readable.
ok, in fact I don't know the significance of %%%, so I don't use it... I 
don't know many things about PSTricks. So, putting %%% everywhere works, 
and it's not necessari to put that ugly \rput(-0.1432,0)...
but now the problem I still have is that of the labels on the arcs... 
any suggestion? I have seen that if I don't calculate the rotation 
angle, the labels are put on the right place, but of course the rotation 
angle is 0. if I calculate the rotation angle but not the position, the 
angle is OK but of course not the label position. I resend the code of 
this last part:

\rput[bl](! \rad\space 2 exp 1 sub \ics\space 2 exp add \rad\space 1
add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add div \radi\space mul 2 \ics\space mul
\rad\space 1 add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add div \radi\space
mul){\pstVerb{\rad\space 2 exp 1 sub \ics\space 2 exp add \rad\space
1 add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add div \radi\space mul 2 \ics\space
mul \rad\space 1 add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add div \radi\space mul
\ics\space 2 mul \rad\space 1 add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add div
\rad\space 2 exp neg \rad\space 2 mul sub \ics\space 2 exp add 1 sub
\rad\space 1 add 2 exp \ics\space 2 exp add \rad\space 1 add mul
atan rotate} \scalebox{0.75}{\textbf{\tiny\n}}}}}

I know that my code is not easily readable... I will modify it and make 
it better when everithing works ok.

thank you again Herbert and Jean-Côme (and everyone that helps!)


Germinal Camps Barjau
gcampsbarjau at gmail.com
669 38 39 56
93 456 35 94

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