[pstricks] Problem with pst-3dplot et al

George Dorner george at dorners.net
Thu Mar 23 05:48:33 CET 2006

At my institution, three of us can not get pst- packages to work,  
obtaining error messages telling that certain .sty files can not be  
found. These files are in the same directory as the file being  
processed. Two of us are using TeXShop, one MikTeX.

The problem may be related to the note on the main page:

Important: I switched with all of my packages from using the old pst- 
key to the new extended package pst-xkey. To get all packages working  
in the expected way, load all the new one after packages, which use  
its own key handling, like the old basic pstricks packages, or which  
use pst-key!

But this is not clear and it seems that a word or two may be missing.  
Could you please clarify this complicated sentence?

George Dorner
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