[pstricks] Bar Chart questioin

Alan Ristow ristow at ece.gatech.edu
Tue Feb 21 22:56:43 CET 2006

George A. Dowding wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the recomended package to use to make a simple bar chart.  It 
> looks like it can be done with pst-bar, as well as pst-add?  Does one 
> subsume the other?

No, they're completely unrelated. I haven't worked with the bar charting 
functions in pstricks-add, so I can't advocate one package over the 
other (I'm not even sure what their differences are, to tell you the 
truth). However, if you need anything special beyond basic plotting of 
bars you should take a close look at pstricks-add -- though I keep 
promising it, I haven't had time to add much advanced functionality to 


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