[pstricks] graphs of the t-distribution?

Christophe Jorssen christophe.jorssen at free.fr
Mon Feb 20 20:00:04 CET 2006

pstricks-bounces at tug.org wrote:
> Dear PSTricks list:
> I have searched a bit online for the tools to do this, but I have yet
> to find the answer.  I would like to plot the t-distribution and the
> standard normal distribution on the same set of axes.  I have found
> the \psGauss
> command to handle the standard normal distribution.  Is there any
> similar macro to draw a t-distribution with n degrees of freedom?  If
> not, does anyone have any suggestions for me?

A GAMMA operator is provided in pst-math. Nevertheless, due to precision
restrictions in PostScript, GAMMA can give erroneous computations... It
would be a good idea to implement 16 or 32 bit computation in PostScript :-)


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