[pstricks] \pspolygon and dimen=inner

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 5 14:20:35 CET 2006

Adam Fenn wrote:
>>> The graphics parameter dimen=inner may be used with \psframe, 
>>> \pscircle, \psellipse and
>>> \pswedge. Can the same effect be created for \pspolygon?
>  >no, because it makes no sense. What is inner and outer
>  >when you have crossed lines, e.g. drawing an eight.
> None of my polygons have crossing lines, so they do enclose 'inner' space.

sure, but you can have a right turn or a left turn ...
and then the meaning of inner/outer changes.


\def\psline at iii{%
   /IO { CLW \psk at dimen\space mul add } def
     /r \pst at number\pslinearc def
     /Lineto { IO exch IO exch \tx at Arcto } def
     /Lineto { IO exch IO exch lineto } def
   \ifshowpoints true \else false \fi




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