[pstricks] Cartesian displacement for \uput? (sorry about previous no subject msg)

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jan 28 11:08:07 CET 2006

Avery Andrews wrote:

>  > \qdisk(0,0){2pt}\uput[90](0,0){foo}\uput[(0,-1)](0,0){bar}
>  > ...
> This specifies the angle in cartesian terms, but as I understand the 
> docs, the displacement would still have to be specified radially, i.e.
>  \uput{5em}[(10,10)](0,0){fub}
> whereas for this application (emulating Emma Pease's tree-dvips in 
> PSTricks) I want to be able to do specify displacement distances in the 
> x and y directions independently.  A vector addition notation in the 
> special coordinates would do fine, for example if 'a' was a label, then 
> (a+(1,2)) would be the point
> 1 xunit in the x direction from a, and 2 yunits in the y direction/

You can combine uput with rput





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