[pstricks] arcangle=nonconstant?

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Jan 25 04:07:14 CET 2006

 >|> I need to compute the arcangle parameter for \ncarc but can't get anything
 >|> except literal numbers to work; is there something I'm missing?  
 >|\def\psk at arcangleA{ 180 2 div }
 >|\def\psk at arcangleB{ 180 2 div neg }

Thanks. This seems to be showing me how to compute in Postscript. I'm
happy enough to do computation in LaTeX because I don't know Postscript.
But either way, I need to do computation with numbers known to LaTeX,
not just constants (180, 2, etc.). Suppose I have the angle I want in a
TeX counter; how do I pass that number to \ncarc (or to Postscript)?

Bob T.

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