[pstricks] question about coordinates

moeller_olaf at yahoo.de moeller_olaf at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 23 17:02:56 CET 2006

Hi to All,

I found in a File including PSTricks the following:

    \psline[linestyle=dashed](!\i\space 0)(!\i\space 10 \i\space 1 add div)%
      (!1 10 \i\space div)(!\i\space  1 sub  10 \i\space div)}

I understand the multido-package, but I don't understand the construction of 
the coordinates. Who can explain it? What is the x-coordinate and what the 

Where do I find more about that construktion?

Is it a postscript-code?

Thanks for any help

Olaf Möller

Berlin - Germany


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