[pstricks] Dashpot macro

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Sun Jan 22 16:54:07 CET 2006

Herbert Voss wrote on 22 Jan 2006 16:01:34 MET:

> Patrick Drechsler wrote:
>> My "no-success" is attached as tar.bz2 file. I have changed
>> all "pst-circ" into "my-pst-circ". All my changes to the
>> original code are easily found by looking for the terms
>> "dashpot" or "% pd start|end|change".
> my-pst-circ.tex, line 1222 in macro
> \def\pst at draw@dashpot{%
>  \psline[linewidth=1.5\pslinewidth]%
>      (-0.5,-0.25)(0.5,0.-25)(0.5,0.25)(-0.5,0.25)%
>                      ^^^^^^^
> \psline[linewidth=1.5\pslinewidth](-0.5,-0.25)(0.5,-0.25)(0.5,0.25)(-0.5,0.25)

Thanks for finding this Herbert! 

I've changed the dimensions a bit:

\def\pst at draw@dashpot{%
  \pnode(0,0){dipole at 1}%
  \pnode(0.5,0){dipole at 2}%

You or Christophe are of course welcome to include this in


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