[pstricks] Name conflicts with multido and the fltpoint package

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 13 15:42:00 CET 2006

dpstory at uakron.edu wrote:
> The recent version of multido implements two macros named \fpAdd and \fpSub
> \fpAdd{num1}{num2}{command}
> \fpSub{num1}{num2}{command}
> The floating point package, which we use to create animations for out 
> AcroTeX Presentation Bundle (APB) uses the fltpoint package. In that 
> package, there is defined
> \fpAdd{command}{num1}{num2}
> \fpSub{command}{num1}{num2}
> Same functionality, but different argument order.

fp doesn't define such macronames ...


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