[pstricks] pstricks on top of an image

Herbert Voss LaTeX at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jan 12 09:05:28 CET 2006

Ulrich Dirr schrieb:
> On Wednesday, January 11, 2006 10:56 PM pstricks-bounces at tug.org wrote:
>> I'm trying to draw a pstricks-curve on top of an image of the sun,
> taken
>> with my digital camera.
>> After some trial and error I also achieved what I wanted.
>> But is it possible to do it in a more controlled way? Or more
> precisely:
>> Can I put the origin of the coordinate system in a controlled spot on
> the
>> image - some centimeters to the right of the left edge and some
>> centimeters above the lower edge of the image?
>> Yours,
>> Poul Riis
> Are you trying to offend people? This is a mailing list and not a
> container for your data.

he he, keep cool ... :-)


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