[pstricks] pscurve and psbezier and psplot...

Cyrille Piatecki cyrille.piatecki at univ-orleans.fr
Fri Nov 29 11:23:20 CET 2002


I have 3 question :

Suppose you have had to work hard to construct a curve. Then sudenly you 
discover that ther is a part, two part tree... of your curve that must 
change of color or of style. Is it possible to define such a macro .

Secondly, I have to plot some function. I would be please to know. But in 
postscript such function as exp(x^2) doesnot exist. Can I define a 
postcript dictionary and pass it to psplot.

Third, Could some one explain how work the clipping tool for coloring the 
intersection of two curves. I certainly have not understood the way it 
works since each time I use it it cost me many hours to arrive to my end.


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