[pstricks] Traduction de User's Guide

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Nov 21 12:40:18 CET 2002

>>>>> "Denis.Vergès" = denis vergès <denis.verges at wanadoo.fr> writes:

    Denis.Vergès>     Je m'adresse à la liste car je ne sais si on peut contacter T. Van
    Denis.Vergès> Zandt.

    Denis.Vergès>     Mon problème est simple : j'aimerais pour les amateurs francophones de
    Denis.Vergès> PSTricks faire une traduction du « User's Guide » de PSTricks ceci bien sur
    Denis.Vergès> dans un cadre non commercial.

    Denis.Vergès>     Bref : à qui puis-je demander cette autorisation ?

  The question is about the person to contact to ask for the authorization
to translate and diffuse a french non commercial translation of the PSTricks
User's Guide.

  Timothy van Zandt is the right person to contact. His current email address
is <tvz at econ.insead.fr>. He had stopped since many years all developments and
support on PSTricks, but he will answer to this kind of demand.

  P.S * I am very happy to see such initiative! Congratulations!
      * I am volunteer to check the translation (not to participate to it,
because, as you must know, this is a huge work!)
      * Nevertheless, if you need, I can help you on the special macros
developed by TVZ to help to write the manual. These macros -I think- must be
updated (mainly using now the standard `fancyvrb' package). This is what
I did for the documentation of my small additional packages.
      * You must of course mix the documentation for the version 0.93 and
the one for all the so-called Beta stuff (betadoc1.ps and betadoc2.ps in the
PST97 distribution), which were never mixed by TVZ himself nor somebody else.
      * As this will be a very good thing to have a complete User's Guide
in only one part, I hope that somebody will later translate back your french
translation in english!


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