[pstricks] parallel arrows to an oval node

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Wed Nov 20 19:58:13 CET 2002

  Looking at the archives of the mailing list for another reason, I see that
I missed this question, which is already nearly one month old...

>>>>> "Armin.Schmich" == Armin Schmich <armin.schmich at freenet.de> writes:

    Armin.Schmich> I'm trying to draw two parallel arrows (with significant distance to each
    Armin.Schmich> other) from one ovalnode to another. Unfortunately, the "offset" parameter
    Armin.Schmich> doesn't give the result I'm looking for, depending on the angle of the
    Armin.Schmich> arrows, one arrow points inside the ellipse and one error points outside.

  This cannot be done automatically. You must adjust the lengths of the
connections with the nodesepA and nodesepB parameters.





  [name=Source] Source \\
                       & [name=Target] Target


    Armin.Schmich> At the moment I'm doing stuff like this:
    Armin.Schmich> (I'm somewhat new to pstricks, so please excuse my bad code...

  Give each time a minimal but complete test file, and verify that at least
it compile. Your code was full of basic errors (numbers in variable names and
undefined variables). Thanks.


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