[pstricks] UML Style/Package

jc jc at nexusat.it
Tue Nov 19 20:47:40 CET 2002

Hello all,
	I arrived here after experienced a lot of insuccess with Google (It
seems impossible but, yeaah, I'm so stupid in seeking :^) looking for a
style or a package to gracefully handle UML into my LaTeX documents.
Many links referred to pstricks package and pst-uml style. I downloaded
just the last one and installed properly in my Tex distribution tree
(Actually I'm using miktex which, misteriously, have installed the
pstricks package but not the pst-uml .sty and this wasn't a good sign
for me...) but, simply, running an example acccompaning it nothing
works! I received a lot of error message complaining, I guess, for an
incompatibility with my pstrick version.

Anyway, my need is to produce UML fledged documents with my
LaTeX-Companion, does anyone know a very productive tool/package/style
(free of charge of course, or "libero" as we and Stallmann say)? And if
pstricks is the only affordable one (at the moment) does it valuable
(pst-uml) or it "just" produce something resembling a UML-diagram?

Thanx a lot for your answers

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