[pstricks] PsTricks and bundledoc

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Oct 24 22:18:12 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Prahladavaradan.Sampath" == Prahladavaradan Sampath <p_sampath at email.com> writes:

    Prahladavaradan.Sampath>    It seems that bundledoc (and snapshot) used to create a self-contained
    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> LaTeX source do not work.
    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> A superficial trawl through the archives and news groups seems to indicate
    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> that this is due to the use of

    Prahladavaradan.Sampath>    \input pstricks.tex

    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> within the .sty files. The documentation for snapshot seems to discourage the
    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> use of the TeX \input <filename> macro in favour of the \input{<filename>}
    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> macro.

    Prahladavaradan.Sampath> Is there a reason for not doing this within pstricks.

  No, there is no specific reason. This was initially done in 1997 for the
release of PSTricks 97 and the few new package wrappers built since this date
were done on the same model. This is a valid TeX syntax...

  Nevertheless, this is clearly too late to do otherwise. We must live with it
(and with a default color model which has incompatibilities with the standard
one for LaTeX users, which cause recurrent problems for new users which ignore
the `pstcol' package, etc.)


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