[pstricks] Problem with pstricks and colortab

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Oct 4 20:17:51 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Alberto.Vecchiato" == Alberto Vecchiato <vecchiato at to.astro.it> writes:

    Alberto.Vecchiato> Yesterday I tried to make a table with colored cells for the first time,
    Alberto.Vecchiato> and not only I didn't succeed, but my attempts at resolving the problem
    Alberto.Vecchiato> made other problems emerge.

    Alberto.Vecchiato> I simply copied a code found elsewhere (actually, the tutorial by Denis
    Alberto.Vecchiato> Girou found at the URL
    Alberto.Vecchiato> http://www.gutenberg.eu.org/pub/GUTenberg/publicationsPS/16-girou.ps.gz)

  Must of these examples are still usable, but you must take care that this
was published at the beginning of 1994 (and written in 1993), using LaTeX
version 209 and just before the release of LaTeX 2e. So, you must adapt the
obsolete things by yourself...

  `colortab' is still usable, but I do not recommend to use it (since many
years!) with LaTeX. This is still the solution to use with Plain (ConTeXt has
it own bundled one). With LaTeX, rather use the `colortbl' package from David
Carlisle: it is maintained, compatible with the current version of `longtable'
(which is no more the case of `colortab') and has a more standard syntax.


  P.S. As you know, there is a dedicated mailing list for Prosper that you
must use for questions about it. But your question was related to (the content
of the old distribution of) PSTricks, so was fully relevant here.


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