[pstricks] Spurious blanks

Christophe JORSSEN christophe.jorssen at noos.fr
Mon Sep 23 11:14:43 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I seem to get into a lot of minor troubles with spurious blancks in some
PSTricks code. I read the documentation p 3-4 and I begin to understand what
I must look after. Nevertheless...

1) I do not understand the reason why spurious blanks cause, in particular,
slight horizontal shifts. What do they do internally regarding PSTricks code

2) In a recent talk with Denis Girou, he pointed out some (a lot!) of
spurious blanks in my code. In addition to those reported in the
documentation, he underlined

\setkeys{ }{ }%
\pst at Verb{ }%
\expandafter{ }%

and a few more. Do you know more "problematic" macros ? Is it a good
solution to put systematically a % at the end of every lines ?

Thanks in advance


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