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Cyrille Piatecki cyrille.piatecki at univ-orleans.fr
Tue Sep 10 14:46:39 CEST 2002


I am a new subscriber to this list and before all i would like to 
felicitate all the people who so kindly work on a package that as been 
given freely by TvZ to the TeX community users. I have some questions and 
one suggestion.

The suggestion is to use very little postscript code in your answers --- it 
is not always the case --- because pstricks is a package that intend to 
eliminate the use of that type of code.

Know for the question :

1 - it will be very usefull to dispose of a command that managed all type 
of symetry inside Pstricks. Does it exists ?
2 - How can we render a transparency. That is done for the color and not 
for the objects ? The problem is that somme time I writ an object after an 
other and that I dont want that all the part of the first object disapear.
3 - I would be pleased to use Pstricks to make colored headers in 
connection with fancyheaders for exemple. How can I do such a thing ?
4 - My last question is for color in tab. In a text TvZ show some examples 
where the colon separting lines are colored but there is no macro for the 
lines delimiting the tab ?

Thanks for your answers.

Cyrille Piatecki

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