[pstricks] \includegraphics - A NEWBIE QUESTION, PLEASE HELP !!

Stanislaw Findeisen sf181257 at zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Sep 4 13:32:57 CEST 2002

Hello there,

I am having a problem regarding .eps graphics inclusion. I am using the
graphicx package, and simply include my picture with the command like


and everything works fine, but when I view my document in ghostview, I see
that the color depth is insufficient, or there is sth. else that makes the
colors a bit screwed up. The image is exactly where it should be - yes,
this is okay.

Any help?
- Thank you!

- Stanislaw Findeisen
  http://rainbow.mimuw.edu.pl/~sf                 Christianity:  just Get Real!

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