[pstricks] Newbie

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Mon Sep 2 21:00:38 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Fabrice.Louche" == Fabrice Louche <fabrice.louche at rma.ac.be> writes:

    Fabrice.Louche> My name is Fabrice Louche and I'm new to PSTricks (and to this 
    Fabrice.Louche> mailing-list). I need the package for using SEMINAR, and I have some 
    Fabrice.Louche> problem with it. When I try to load it, the following messages appear:

    Fabrice.Louche> ...

    Fabrice.Louche> (:Tex:Inputs:pstricks:pstricks.con)
    Fabrice.Louche> Runaway argument?
    Fabrice.Louche> {
    Fabrice.Louche> ! Paragraph ended before \typeout was complete.
    Fabrice.Louche> <to be read again>
    Fabrice.Louche>                     \par
    Fabrice.Louche> l.575 \newgray{black}{0}

    Fabrice.Louche> The problematic file is pstricks.tex, which I downloaded from the 
    Fabrice.Louche> usual server without modifying it.

    Fabrice.Louche> Does anyone have an idea about the source of this problem ? I use 
    Fabrice.Louche> OzTex on MacOS X.

  I do not know the OzTex software nor MacOS systems, but I can guess that you
do not install correctly PSTricks on your system. First reread the file
CTAN:graphics/pstricks/README and specially the paragraph 3 "Installation".
You will see that you must have a configuration file "pstricks.con" adapted to
your system. The default one given in the distribution is for the "dvips"
converter, which is very probably not used with OzTex.

  Perhaps that there are still here OzTex users, even if I believe that this
distribution has nearly disappeared, that could send you personally a working
configuration file. Otherwhile, build one by yourself. You can use the
informations relevant to OzTeX in the very old
CTAN:graphics/pstricks/obsolete/src/pstricks.con example file (informations
were related to the version 1.3 of OzTeX of 1990).

 P.S. 1 - Use meaningful subjects in your messages. "Newbie" as title say
nothing and will not help later to use mail archives easily.

      2 - Note that this mailing list is devoted to PSTricks _only_ and
specially not to Seminar. Fortunately for you, your problem here seems related
to PSTricks and not to Seminar!


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