[pstricks] Superimposing \psframeboxes, and \psmatrix alignment

Bryn Humberstone bdh at alphalink.com.au
Thu Aug 15 09:02:39 CEST 2002


I'm trying to use pstricks to make a diagram in which I need to create boxes
of tables of text like so:

    |    ...    |
    |    ...    |
    |    ...    |
    |           |

I have no problem using \psframebox and putting arrays inside. The trouble
comes because I'd like each box to have a little boxed number in the top
left corner like:

    |6|  ...    |
    +-+  ...    |
    |    ...    |
    |           |

and there seem to be plenty of ways this could be accomplished but I've been
unable to get any of them to work.

My idea was to draw the array and then just superimpose another
\psframebox{6} at the same location. The main issue is that the my boxes are
themselves within a \psmatrix so I don't have access to their exact
coordinates. I thought this would not be a problem each of the boxes are
within \rnodes, so I have their names. But I'm not sure how I can insist
that another psframebox is placed at "the top-left corner of rnode A", say.
I tried using \nput but I can't get it to put a new object where I'd like.

A more general question that would also (I think) be enough is: is there a
pstricks function to convert a node name into a pair of coordinates, so I
could do something like:
\rput[tl]{\MagicalFunction{A}}{ \psframebox{6} }

Another thing that a quick search through the list archives couldn't help me
with was psmatrices: I am using them to create a column of these boxes. The
problem is that the boxes are different widths and \psmatrix centres
the column horizontally by default. Is there a way of changing this so they
are left aligned?

Any help that you can provide me with would be very much appreciated.

-- Bryn

Bryn Humberstone
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