[pstricks] Generation of an animated output file from non pure graphics

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Jun 6 22:05:51 CEST 2002

  For non pure graphics, we can have the same thing. There is just an added
difficulty, as we cannot use the \PSTtoEPS macro for non pure graphics.
So, we must use the "TeXtoEPS" environment (pages 79 and 80 of the
documentation), generating a different image at each step. But each of these
steps require a compilation and a generation of the corresponding EPS file.
The code to execute must of course be different each time, but this is easy
to do by reading the number of the step fixed in an external way.

  Again, I know how to proceed under Linux. If somebody can translate it for
Dos/Windows, it can help users of this operating system, as this easy way to
produce animated files can have a large range of usage, can produce animations
to put on Web pages, etc.

  I give here an example using a code written by Dominique Rodriguez,
to illustrate the usage of his very interesting and powerful `pst-eucl'
package for Euclidian geometry
-see http://dominique.rodriguez.9online.fr/pst-eucl

  I put the resulting file on

and attach the source file from Dominique (that I modify to add step by step
generation and comments) and my Linux script.


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