[pstricks] isotropic XY units in psmatrix?

Michael J. Sharpe msharpe at euclid.ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 17 20:12:57 CEST 2002

It appears that the interline spacing is added to whatever is 
specified in rowsep. With 10 point type, the normal interline spacing 
is 12 pt, so you could get a square node array by using, for example, 
[rowsep=24 pt,colsep=36pt]

>When I write the following
>     \begin{psmatrix}[rowsep=1,colsep=1]
>       \dotnode{1} & \dotnode{2} \\
>       \dotnode{4} & \dotnode{3}
>       \ncline{1}{2}
>       \ncline{3}{4}
>       \ncline{1}{4}
>       \ncline{3}{2}
>     \end{psmatrix}
>I obtain a rectangular node array, not a square one!
>Can anyone tell me why this is not square, and therfore
>how I can fix it so it will be.
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