[pstricks] PStricks

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Mar 15 20:47:16 CET 2002

>>>>> "Juan.Martinez" == juan antonio jimenez martinez <jajimenezhgo at hotmail.com> writes:

    Juan.Martinez> Hi, I'm a new user of pstricks but I'm having problems using the package 
    Juan.Martinez> with PCTEXV4.0 and I don't know how to install the package becouse when I 
    Juan.Martinez> try to see somo example, I can't see any Image in the dvi file.

  I do not know your TeX distribution, but it any case first convert your DVI
file to a PostScript one before to look at the result. PSTricks generate
PostScript commands which need a PostScript interpreter to have some effects.


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