[pstricks] \psxlabel and friends

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Tue Mar 12 22:36:23 CET 2002

>>>>> "Ronan.Keryell" == Ronan KERYELL <Ronan.Keryell at enst-bretagne.fr> writes:

    Ronan.Keryell> Well, is is clear that YOU ARE THE GOOD CANDIDATE AS A VOLUNTEER.

    Ronan.Keryell> Hmmm, what kind of pressure can we use on you to volunteer ? :-)

  As all people working in the research area, my official work is already very
time consuming for me, more than a "normal" job, and as I try also to make
various (not enough...) things in my life, do not expect that I could found
time for such general work in the future... Unfortunately (for you, not for
me), my retirement is rather far from today, so don't hope on it. I think
that the best chance for you is that all my bad actions will be discovered
and that I will be put in prison for several months...

    Ronan.Keryell> It is so pityful that such a software is dormant... :-(

  Obviously, it would have been better for everybody that we have a clean and
updated documentation as well as a clean distribution (based on the `keyval'
package and with an independant color model management). But I think that with
minimal efforts, things are usable. And I think that to be "dormant" could be
a high quality for a software, when it could be called "stability" (with a
reasonnable amount of frozen features which can be reused to build something
else above them). This is one of the main reasons why I found that TeX is a
"good" software and that most of others are not...

  If I see some reasons to not be too optimist for the future, this is not for
the kind of reason you speak about, but mostly because I see so few people who
build new hight level packages above PSTricks and globally because there are
so few experts.


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