[pstricks] \psxlabel and friends

Jay Belanger belanger at truman.edu
Thu Mar 7 22:07:14 CET 2002

Denis Girou <Denis.Girou at idris.fr> writes:

> >>>>> "Jay.Belanger" == Jay Belanger <belanger at truman.edu> writes:
>     Jay.Belanger> By the way, why isn't the documentation updated?
>     Jay.Belanger> Why is in the obselete section?
>   Because the author of this package, Timothy van Zandt, has stopped his work
> in 1994 and because no volunteer appeared since this date to build an updated
> documentation (that is to say, not only to  correct typos and to update the
> names of the packages with the new names used in PSTricks 97, but also to
> integrate the so called "Beta" documentation in the main one and to remove the
> old parts in it, etc.)

Part of the problem, perhaps, is the licensing of the documentation.
If I were, for example, to correct the errors in the manual, I
wouldn't be allowed to make it available on a web page, for example.
I wonder if Timothy would be willing to loosen the license a bit.

>   The actual documentation was put in an "obsolete" subdirectory to clearly
> show that it is not completely up to date, even if we must still use it.
> Nevertheless, with some care, this is really usable.

Oh, I agree, it is very usable; still it'd be nice to have updated


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