[pstricks] \psxlabel and friends

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Mon Mar 4 23:24:49 CET 2002

>>>>> "Jay.Belanger" == Jay Belanger <belanger at truman.edu> writes:

    Jay.Belanger> By the way, why isn't the documentation updated?
    Jay.Belanger> Why is in the obselete section?

  Because the author of this package, Timothy van Zandt, has stopped his work
in 1994 and because no volunteer appeared since this date to build an updated
documentation (that is to say, not only to  correct typos and to update the
names of the packages with the new names used in PSTricks 97, but also to
integrate the so called "Beta" documentation in the main one and to remove the
old parts in it, etc.)

  The actual documentation was put in an "obsolete" subdirectory to clearly
show that it is not completely up to date, even if we must still use it.
Nevertheless, with some care, this is really usable.

  More detailed explanations can be found in the paragraph 5 of the general
README file of the distribution, in CTAN/graphics/pstricks/README:

5 - Documentation

There is NOT a complete up to date _reference_ documentation for PSTricks 97.
You must still refer to the reference documentation of the version 0.93a and
the additional old Beta material, available in the obsolete/doc subdirectory
(it was put in the "obsolete" subdirectory to clearly show that it is not up
to date nor supported by actual mainteners). Take care to notice what has
changed in additional old Beta documents (betadoc?.ps files) comparing to the
ones for 0.93a version (pst-usr?.ps files).

Denis Girou maintain a list of known errors in both version 0.93a and
additional old Beta documentations, in obsolete/doc/pst-doc.err

A large chapter of "The LaTeX Graphics Companion", by Goossens, Rahtz and
Mittelbach, Addison Wesley 1997, is dedicated to PSTricks, and this
currently forms the only systematic description of the integration of
the basic PSTricks and the beta additions of 1993. The source of all examples
from that book is also on CTAN/info/lgc and most of them in the doc/lgc
subdirectory of the PST97 distribution.


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