[pstricks] \psxlabel and friends

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Sat Mar 2 00:48:10 CET 2002

>>>>> "Jay.Belanger" == Jay Belanger <belanger at truman.edu> writes:

    Jay.Belanger> According to the manual, the labels on the axes created by \psaxes 
    Jay.Belanger> can be changed by changing the definitions of \psxlabel and 
    Jay.Belanger> \psylabel.  That doesn't work for me, though.  A file with contents

    Jay.Belanger> ...

    Jay.Belanger> ! LaTeX Error: \psxlabel undefined.

  This was a typo in the documentation. You must rather use the \pshlabel and
\psvlabel macros. Look at:


which make a reference to this error (and to few other ones).

* Page 51 : \psxlabel
            \def\psxlabel#1{\small #1}
            must be read
            \def\pshlabel#1{\small #1}


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