[pstricks] centereing / psmatrix

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Feb 7 19:33:18 CET 2002

>>>>> "Bernd.Brandt" == Bernd Brandt <bernd at bio.vu.nl> writes:

    Bernd.Brandt> For some time i have been using psmatrix.
    Bernd.Brandt> Suddenly i notice two things:
    Bernd.Brandt> 1) The node-connections (arrows) are NOT centered with respect to the box.
    Bernd.Brandt> 2) If i include the psmatrix in a pspicture environment \center does not work.

    Bernd.Brandt> Has anyone a solution to these 'problems'.
    Bernd.Brandt> I am esp. surprised that the node connections are not
    Bernd.Brandt> centered with respect to the boxes; they are just off set to the right.

    Bernd.Brandt> \begin{figure}
    Bernd.Brandt> \center
    Bernd.Brandt> ...
    Bernd.Brandt>   \psset{linewidth=1pt,nodesep=5pt,offset=4pt,arrows=->}
    Bernd.Brandt> ...

  Nodes are centered by default (which seems logical). You just ask to _not_
center them... Just reread in the documentation the effect of the "offset"

  For \center, I do not reproduce your problem. I never use it myself
in the past (and think that the \centering macro is the "canonical" way),
but nevertheless you example give the expected result on my installation.
First check with \centering and otherwise investigate your installation,
version packages, etc.


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