[pstricks] learning to use pstricks

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Feb 7 19:26:22 CET 2002

    >> The french TeX-User Group (Gutenberg) sells (sold?) a thin book about
    >> PSTricks, Color and Seminar; that´s where I learned it.

    Rolf.Niepraschk> Does this book exist also in electronic form? Which language?

  Nothing new... It just refer to the article of 1994 in "Les Cahiers
GUTenberg". This is rather old, but most of examples can still be useful
(I hope!) Obviously, the introductory part is rather old today, and does
not offer any more an up to date view of computational graphics under (La)TeX
"The LaTeX Graphics Companion" and "TeX Unbound" are in any case more recent.

  GUTenberg made this article available since very long time on it server
(as well as nearly all the issues of it review). There is a link too in the
PSTricks home page since long time.



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