[pstricks] centereing / psmatrix

Bernd Brandt bernd at bio.vu.nl
Wed Feb 6 11:22:43 CET 2002

Dear group,

For some time i have been using psmatrix.
Suddenly i notice two things:
1) The node-connections (arrows) are NOT centered with respect to the box.
2) If i include the psmatrix in a pspicture environment \center does not work.

Has anyone a solution to these 'problems'.
I am esp. surprised that the node connections are not centered with respect to the boxes; they are just offset to the right.

Below the example. I hope someone is able to help me.
Kind regards,

	[name=S] \psframebox{Substrate} \\[0pt]
	[name=E] \psframebox{Reserves} \\[0pt]
	[name=V] \psframebox{\shortstack{Structural Biomass Growth
	\\ ~\\ Maintenance }}
  % Node connections
   \ncline{S}{E}\naput{assimilation, $j_{EA}$}   
   \ncline{E}{V}\naput{utilization, $\dot{\jmath}_{EG} + \dot{\jmath}_{EM}$}

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