[pstricks] Using colors

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Sat Dec 8 12:29:54 CET 2001

>>>>> "Stephane.Lemarie" == Stephane Lemarie <lemarie at grenoble.inra.fr> writes:

    Stephane.Lemarie> (for example, orange, lemon, etc.) without using defining it precisely with the
    Stephane.Lemarie> \newrgbcolor command?

  Which in any case is a very bad idea since something like the end of 1994...

  With LaTeX, use the standard `color' package (which must not be loaded
explicitely with PSTricks: use the `pstcol' package to load both pstricks.tex,
`color' and the compatibility interface -see the general README of PSTricks).
With "plain", you can use `color' too. With ConTeXt, use the color features of
ConTeXt (at least I suppose that this must work).

    Stephane.Lemarie> Is there a package that enable to use more colors than the 6 or 7 basic ones.

  Yes, it is possible, but can depend of the converter and driver that you
use. Look at the "dvipsnames" option if you use dvips, and generally at the
documentation of `color' (or at the LaTeX Graphics Companion, paragraph 9.2,


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